All about the bass …


Hi, I’m Mischa Marcks and I’m the guy who thinks that “BASS is all you need“!

  • I’m a solo artist/bassist and released my debut album in 2018
  • I have worked with many international artists as a hired gun as well as in the context of my solo project
  • I love geeking out about bass and neuroscience
  • When I’m not playing bass, I’m teaching it. With MMEducation I made it my mission to teach my students how to learn faster & practice smarter by using the latest findings in neuroscience to supercharge their progress.




It’s my mission to put bass into the spotlight and show you that it is one of/if not the best solo instruments in the world!

But most importantly I want to impact people’s lives by teaching you about the role of the bass player in a band (providing the foundation for everyone else to build their dreams upon, shining brighter by serving others), so that you can live a fulfilling life by contributing to the happiness and success of anyone you come in contact with. 

I sincerely believe that this is important because in today’s society we are constantly pushed into an unnecessarily competitive mindset resulting in jealousy and a feeling of not being enough, which stops us from living up to our full potential.

That’s why I want to invite you to join me on: MISSION BASS!

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