Why the world needs more BASS players

"The world needs more than just good musicians. We need good people." - Mama Wooten

That's what one of the most influential BASS player's mother told her son. Today, I'm going to challenge this quote a little bit by dissecting the function of the BASSist in music.

It is said that we can not be happy, if we are only serving ourselves. Humans are born completely dependent on their mothers (and fathers) to feed and nurture them. It takes years until we can walk through our lives on "our own feet". From the moment we are born we rely on others to support us.

What is the problem with independence?

Now, you might be tempted to look at this fact and see it as something negative. Dependence has a limiting ring to it. All of us seem to strive for independence, right? 

And there is nothing wrong with independence. But let's take independence back to the subject of music. If all band members are playing music completely independently without relating to each other, you could hardly call that music.

Or let's say, you'd have to be really lucky for music to happen 🤪

If on the other hand everyone listens to each other and there is a rhythmic foundation that everyone can build upon, we can expect amazing results.

These same principles also apply to life on this planet.

"Dah, I know this. Tell me something new, Mischa!"

Well, keep reading then... 

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The job of the BASS player

A BASS player's job in a band is to support everyone else and make them shine brighter. By supplying the rest of the band with a steady rhythm that can not only be heard but felt, the BASS player gives all the other instruments a foundation to build upon.

If we take this concept to all our relationships, one could say:

"We all should be playing more BASSlines and less solos."

In other words: "Move away from the spotlight and do what you do to support others, rather than to satisfy your ego!"

And that is exactly what I mean by "Are you a BASS player at heart?"

Btw, I'm not making this up out of thin air...

Science proves that BASS players are the most important member of a band!

Here are a couple of reasons:

1. The BASS plays a very powerful role when it comes to how people hear harmonies. When several notes are being played at the same time, we hear them relative to the lowest sound pitch, the BASS note.

2. A skilled BASSist will support the band by providing a steady pulse and a good-feeling to each song. The majority of music that is well received by the audience will have a steady rhythm or beat. It is the BASSist's responsibility and priority to make sure this happens.

Don't believe me?

Then check out the study for yourself: Check out the scientific study here

With this in mind the old Spiderman saying directly relates to playing BASS or being a "BASSist at Heart":

"With great power comes great responsibility!"

That's why I want to encourage you to become a BASS player at heart, serve and support the people around you, and take responsibility for the powers inside of you.

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Love & Bass ✌️

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