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Why You Don't Follow Through

Did you ever listen to a piece of music that knocked your sox off? Something so inspiring that you were willing to do anything to learn how to do it yourself? 

But then once you started and realized how much work you'd have to put it, you gave up. 

The Secret Sauce

In "Why You Don't Follow Up" I'm going to show you three cool techniques that you can use to keep that initial motivation going. The reason for us not following through with a big goal is often the same. We don't break down the problem into manageable chunks and end up overwhelming ourselves. The automatic negative scripts in our heads start telling us that we can't do it or something is wrong with us. The truth is, we all have the same voices in our heads. The hacks that I show you in this video will help you to silence them and keep going one step at a time, always focusing on the progress you are making rather than getting frustrated that you still don't sound like Victor Wooten (or whichever BASS player inspires you most).

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In this video you'll learn:
- How your brain creates long term memories. And how to take advantage of this knowledge.
- Why setting achievable goals is so important to keep your motivation alive and why we need to celebrate each tiny win.
- What causes motivation and how we can highjack our lizard brain instincts to power fuel our motivation.

Find the music from this video on Spotify:
Intro song: Reborn Again
Middle song: Open Path
End song: Sweet Home

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