You TRY, You FAIL!

Have you ever tried something and failed hard?

I guess we all have to some degree. I know I felt like a failure at times. Like when I botched the first round of entrance exams for music college or when I didn't get that gig that I really wanted.

But as Donald Waugh (my next guest on MISSION BASS LIVE) is singing in his song "Never Stop Trying" ...


Because the only way to avoid failure completely is to never try at all. Yes, mistakes hurt. But if we stay mindful in that moment, we can transform our mistakes into the fuel of our future successes.

One thing I like to tell my students is "Every mistake made is one less you have to make on your way to mastery."

One can almost look at mistakes like a to-do list on our journey to skill acquisition. The faster we make them (get them out of the way, instead of judging ourselves for failing), the faster we will acquire that skill.

Now, we don't want to fail deliberately. We still aim for playing it as well as possible. But we want to push ourselves just outside of our comfort zone where we are more likely to make mistakes. So we have some input to learn from πŸ˜‰

Here is alternative kind of input. check out Donald's song:

You might have noticed that Donald is using a 7-string bass in this video. And this song really showcases how extended-range instruments can give you more sonic space to play with when using a looper. this is also the reason why I play a 5-string with a high C-string. I can totally see how having seven strings could enrich my sound.

But to be really honest, I wouldn't know how to keep all of these strings under control. Anything I played would be a rumbling mess. In that sense, Donald is even more of an AmBASSador than I am. He goes out there, talks to luthiers, and they come up with these crazy instruments.

Check out his website to find out more about Donald's bass collection click here.

...or even better, come and join us live on October 30th at 8 PM (CET).

MISSION BASS LIVE with special guest Donald Waugh

MISSION BASS LIVE with special guest Donald Waugh

In this month's episode, we will talk about...

  • Extended-range instruments
  • Live Looping
  • BASS in reggae music and it is so similar to solo BASS

Only one more week to go!

You know what to do πŸ˜‰

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